In this course you will discover:

  • How your view of the world has been shaped by your upbringing
  • Why now you need a mission instead of a career
  • What is driving you on a deep level
  • What experiences and things you really want from your life
  • Who you want to become as your ideal self
  • Your next steps towards finding your ideal life

Hi, I’m Cormac Noonan

I'm a Writer and Coach and I'm here to help you find your true purpose in life. After pursuing a career in IT and realising it was not what I really wanted, I went on a journey to discover my true mission.

Through my amazing experiences travelling, trying my hand at numerous jobs, undertaking multiple courses and reading dozens of books, I finally discovered what was important and what I truly wanted to do with my life.

Now I've created a course to include the best tools I've found on my journey in the hope that I can help you discover your Life's Mission so that you can live an amazing life full of Love, Joy and Fulfilment!

I undertook Cormac's Life Purpose Course out of curiousity but never thought I would benefit from it so much. The exercises really challenge you to open up and search for the best path forward in both your career and life.

Completing the course has reignited my sense of opportunity and has motivated me to continue my exploration of purpose.

Jack Sharpe, IT Sales

I took the Life Purpose Course with Cormac as I was afraid that I was losing sight of the bigger picture in life. I found the sessions really helpful and Cormac was fantastic at prompting me to think about things that I wouldn't have considered otherwise.

Overall, I now have a much different approach to life and my career.

Rob Lynch, Pharmacist

The guided structure of Uncover Your Life Purpose leverages off reflective practice theory, guiding the reader to a clear awareness of their core values & purpose. 

An incredibly useful exercise for anyone at any stage in their career or with an interest in proactive goal setting

Aoife Kieran, Healthcare Consultant