Daryl Noonan, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Certified Canfield Success Coach

After overcoming a 10 year battle with addiction, Daryl aims to inspire and motivate young people to live healthy lives and take care of their mind and body. 

In each of the 12 lessons, Daryl details a powerful habit that has helped him regain his physical health and clarity of mind. In this course, he shows how implementing a number of healthy habits and routines can prepare you for anything life throws at you. 

Daryl’s workshops help students: 

  • Feel more energised in the morning after a developing a new morning routine 
  • Reap the mental and physical benefits of good quality sleep
  • Understand the effects different foods have on their mood and concentration 
  • Improve their concentration and focus through simple meditation practices 
  • Build healthier relationships with technology

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